Sole Focus on Corporate Wireless Telecom Expense Management

mindWireless is an agile company continually monitoring the fast-paced wireless marketplace.

Our track record and history of developing creative corporate mobility management solutions enables our clients to take full advantage of the latest wireless devices, plans and technologies at the lowest cost. And we've set some amazing bowling averages, too.

Founded in 2000, mindWireless is the largest and most experienced telecom expense management provider focused exclusively on corporate mobility solutions. Our project management team has extensive expertise in telecommunications, supply chain management, technology and strategic sourcing.

Proven Wireless Management Best Practices

Over a decade of wireless management experience has provided us with a wealth of best practices that we use to develop highly efficient processes and reduce costs for our clients. Using proven expertise in analytics to drive business process improvement, mindWireless adapts each corporate wireless telecom expense management program to meet the unique needs of each unique client.

A leader in the wireless telecom expense management industry, mindWireless is a founding member of the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA), helping to set the standard that guides best practice in our industry.

mindWireless is privately-held and headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in the U.S. and overseas. Contact us today to arrange for a free wireless savings analysis.

How We Got Here

While at Arthur Andersen Business Consulting, David Wise and Kevin Whitehurst developed Telecommunications and Supply Chain Management strategy for large enterprises. Realizing first hand, the ongoing obstacles experienced by large organizations, Kevin and David harnessed their entrepreneurial drive in search of a solution. Over and over, consulting projects concluded with solid recommendations for cost efficiency gains handed back to the telecommunications department managers without the tools or resources to fully implement the recommendations. The potential savings were rarely realized. Through this experience, mindWireless was born to provide well-meaning managers with the tools and outsourced resources to handle the ever-growing complexity and cost of wireless telecommunications within the large organizational environment.

Through the rapid expansion of wireless in the enterprise as well as the explosion of wireless data and smart phone devices as well as an ever increasing needs for employee support, what started as wireless rate plan optimization and auditing, mindWireless rapidly grew its breadth. Quickly mindWireless services expanded to encompass a complete suite of enterprise software for procurement, reporting, audit and launching of 24x7x365 multi-lingual help desk. Leading organizations such as Coca Cola, Toys R Us, BMW, and John Deere began to depend on mindWireless for end-user and organization management of wireless.

With no signs of wireless growth slowing down in the enterprise, mindWireless is poised to continue helping leading organizations as they further deploy wireless initiatives including greater extension of mobility within the workforce and expansion of the rapidly growing machine-to-machine opportunities.

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