Comparing mindWireless to Competitors

Recently, mindWireless was approached by a potential client for a cost savings analysis. While mindWireless does these cost savings analyses frequently, this one was different. This was not the first time that this potential client had reached out to mindWireless. This client took some time but has finally realized that mindWireless offers so much more than its competitors.

The Challenge

This client came looking for a cost savings plan for over 16,000 cellular lines. With the first outreach to mindWireless in 2009, there were savings of 17% identified. However, at that time, they decided to go with a competitor. Once again, the client reached out this year, and a cost savings of 34% was identified. These savings were key, as they were additional savings on top of what their current provider was offering. So what was the problem? If mindWireless offered more savings, and the client continued to return for an analysis, why was the decision not made earlier?

The Solution

This client required more convincing than just a cost savings analysis. To really show the full potential of mindWireless against a competitor, mindWireless showed exactly how these additional savings were achieved. Rather than performing optimization once a quarter, mindWireless performs optimization each and every month. This constant approach to savings sets mindWireless apart, and gives more savings to the client than any competitor.

The Results

With the thorough reporting and savings shown to the client, mindWireless was able to persuade a change of service, resulting in an ROI of over 400%. Our commitment to savings, beyond the initial search, sets us apart from our competitors and guarantees customer satisfaction.

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