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Changes in Data Usage Due to COVID-19

Most Fortune 1,000 companies do not have a good handle on their wireless plans. To make matters worse, it is now exacerbated by a change in data usage due to the COVID-19 stay-at-home order. The benchmark for “normal” monthly data usage is 3 GB/user. Without proper wireless expense management, companies could be spending up to a 40% more on their bills that those who are actively managing their rate plans and device utilization.

mindWireless conducted a retrospective analysis of our clients’ data usage from February 2020 vs. March 2020. We were interested to identify trends that could be applied to other companies who are also faced with changes in their businesses due to COVID-19 restrictions.

We analyzed data across nine different verticals. Overall, usage was down 14.71%, but it varied from industry to industry. As you might expect, our healthcare clients saw an increase of 14%, whereas hospitality clients experienced a 53% decline in data usage. Some industries where restrictions did not impede normal business like construction and automotive, remained relatively flat. For a full retrospective by industry, please contact [email protected]

As it relates to cost, the average nationwide is $4/GB of data. Taking the average data use of 3GB/line, the average normal expense $12 each month. If your industry is experiencing a 15% reduction on that cost is equal to $1.80 per device, which is not a while lot on a per user perspective. However, if your company is paying for 10,000 employees’ cellphone bills, you could be saving at least $20,000 each month.

Take Away:
Unless you’re actively managing enterprise mobility expenses, you could be missing out on huge savings.

mindWireless is the largest and most experienced independent telecom expense management provider, focused exclusively on corporate mobility solutions. Our proven track record of developing creative corporate mobility management solutions enables our clients to take full advantage of the latest devices, plans, and technologies at the lowest cost.

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