Global Technology Innovator saves $6.4M

One of mindWireless’ largest customers, a $20 billion American conglomerate with companies in the fields of design, manufacturing, and marketing of industrial and consumer products, recently saw exponential savings. With operations in multiple sectors and segments, this customer required an enterprise mobile solution to consolidate wireless expenses with personalization for each separate operating company and its unique needs. With mindWireless’ exceptional customer attentiveness and extensive experience with enterprise telecom expense management (TEM) software, it was a perfect fit.

The Challenge

The customer challenged mindWireless with three goals: leverage the wireless telecom buying power across all of their operating companies, improve overall efficiencies, and improve the user experience among all of the operating companies. These three goals can be challenging for a single company. However, mindWireless set out to tackle this project with all of the 300 operating companies owned by the customer.

The Solution

To accomplish the customer’s objectives, mindWireless began by consolidating what was actually being bought in multiple ways across the enterprise. The customer could then understand what they were using holistically, and know what to buy moving forward. Second, the mindWireless team implemented a self-serve automated process across the enterprise that was consistent with the intended corporate wireless policy, all while driving exponential cost savings month over month and working with over 40 key customer telecom managers and synthesizing their objectives and processes. This included working with over 40 key customer telecom managers and synthesizing their objectives and processes. This attention to detail and customer service was not missed. “mindWireless was hired because they made us feel like we were their only customer,” the key decision maker commented. “I know we aren’t because we talked to their references. However, they delivered the personal attention to which we are accustomed.”

The Results

mindWireless provided a dedicated customer management team and strong customer service support, which has resulted in a strong process improvement as well as a well-maintained ongoing process over the years. This process has evolved with the business, and has grown to meet the current needs of each associate and their respective operating companies. mindWireless was, and still is, committed to driving value through better understanding of what needs to be purchased from the wireless carriers. Furthermore, mindWireless implemented a customized automation system utilized by all of the company, and was unique per each operating company. A strong partnership with a “continuous improvement” approach while raising the bar set by their associates equated to overall success and exponential cost savings totaling $6.4 million.