Health Insurance Carrier Saves $30K/Mo

1500 Zero Usage Lines Eliminated


A national health insurance carrier agreed to mindWireless’s proposal to do a cost savings analysis. We found significant cost saving opportunities in three major areas:

  • First, there were inefficiencies from numerous manual buying processes,
  • Second, processes did not have IT oversight so rate plan optimization was less effective,
  • Third, few policies around product procurement allowed for too many costly exceptions.


Almost immediately, the automation of buying and support processes began saving money. The insurance carrier began to understand what voice bundles, international calling and data plans they needed to buy, allowing total cost of ownership to significantly decrease.

With respect to product purchasing, mindWireless also optimized the devices and rate plans to buy. By integrating the mindWireless portal with the insurance company’s IT procurement software tools, both end users and procurement staff were seamlessly up to date on product offerings and policies.

Most valuable was the repurposing of spare devices. The additional oversight, procurement software and clear policies, allowed the insurance company to issue repurposed devices instead of new devices for new employees or those in need of repairs. Now, they suspend lines and repurpose them for new employees avoiding early termination fees and new contracts.

Even when there are exceptions, a flexible but effective process provides happy end users and costs savings. One group for example was allowed to procure specialized devices, but proper approval routing through the portal allows flexibility as well as efficient management.


More than 1500 zero usage devices costing over $30,000 per month were shut off providing year one actual savings of $427,000. Additionally, rate plan and device procurement savings continue as employee device usage behavior is now managed well.

Particularly valuable to the insurance company is our annual review process carried out with account management, finance, accounting, and IT. Not only do we quantify optimal savings opportunities, but we also ensure those savings are realized. Together we achieve continuous improvement to effectively deliver smooth and perfect interaction with end users at a double digit reduction in overall cost.