Ameren Saves 15% Per M2M Device

Ameren provides electricity to 2.4 million people and natural gas to 900,000 people in the Illinois and Missouri area. They are known for providing cleaner, more dependable energy to millions of customers with some of the best rates in the country.

Machine-to-machine technology (M2M) refers to the automated data transmission and measurement between mechanical or electronic devices. It involves at least two devices communicating with each other. One device sends information to another device, which reads the information and relays it back to a centralized hub to help manage a device, asset or process. M2M helps companies improve their processes and operate more efficiently. It can be used to track pipeline damage, track beverage machine inventory, improve safety, improve patient care/home monitoring, track inventory and innumerably more applications.

Matching our expertise in telecom expense management with their drive to provide their customers with the best energy service in the country, we were able to aid Ameren in optimizing M2M device management and consolidating wireless plans, in order to save them money.

The Challenge

Ameren was unaware that they employed so many M2M devices and needed assistance in leveraging them. Prior to engaging with mindWireless, Ameren thought they employed between 100-200 M2M devices when, in fact, they had over 3,000 devices. Since all of these devices were being managed by different departments, Ameren was unable to fully leverage their optimal buying power.

The Solution

Through aligning with mindWireless, M2M was negotiated into Ameren’s wireless carrier requirements to increase efficiency. Carriers have a Minimum Attainment Revenue Commitment (MARC), which requires companies to surpass a certain device spend threshold. Due to the fact that many M2M devices utilize cellular networks, companies can use these devices to leverage buying power and consolidate their spend.

The Results

By negotiating M2M components into their wireless carrier requirements through MARC, Ameren was able to effectively leverage their buying power and consolidate their spend. After significant alterations to how their M2M devices are managed, mindWireless helped Ameren receive about 15% monthly savings per wireless device making their M2M strategy smoother than ever. The results were optimal in providing 3,000 devices with a cost of $5 per month per device and total annual savings of nearly $153,000.