Home Health Client Launches in 45 Days

Redeploys 400 Devices per Month



A happy customer from an energy client in Houston relocated to a Louisiana Home Health Agency and brought mindWireless with him. New tablets were ordered for every new employee, but turnover realities in home health amounted to a predicament where the company was stuck with 3000 lines of zero usage under contract. Despite the unique challenges of the healthcare industry, Jeff knew mindWireless would do wonders to for his telecom expense management where costs were too high and and there was little process.

He also knew mindWireless could ensure HIPAA compliance with respect to mobile security and patient privacy where employees must access applications with sensitive data in the cloud.


It seemed like a good idea at the time, but it really amounted to kicking the can down the road for another day. When a clinician left the company and turned in their device, the Home Health Agency would sell the used tablet on the open market. They creatively used the buddy upgrade system with the carrier to get a new device when a new employee was hired on. Unfortunately, this also extended the contract term, so the company ended up with more lines than needed. 3000 more lines.

The mobility carrier wasn’t about to let the Home Health Agency out of contract on those 3000 lines without exorbitant termination fees, so an innovative swapping process was implemented by mindWireless. Now we reuse devices upon employee turnover after getting it swiped, so less equipment is needed. Also critical for the process to work, we swap zero usage lines with a contract to active lines with no contract.

More than just swapping out hardware, mindWireless took over the entire device provisioning and fulfillment center because handling all these devices internally was unmanageable. All the HIPAA compliant applications are added and ready to go. The whole inventory process is managed, and the agency uses what they have instead of buying new.

The tablets are used to detail home health visit, and it’s critical that a new employee has a device ready to go on their first day on the job. So, a process was setup to define rules of who gets what equipment based on HR hiring data. Now, once new-hire HR information is received the device is setup automatically based on job code so it’s there when they start. The process saves 5 days of approval and carrier shipping time…a week of productivity saved.


We started the relationship with the Louisiana Home Health Agency in mid-October and by December 1 we launched the mindWireless wireless expense management system…a record 45 day launch.

It’s still early to annualize cost savings, but now we’re redeploying approximately 400 devices/month of zero usage devices to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars monthly savings.