Your employees rely on mobile. Cut costs, eliminate frustrations, and stay flexible with better mobile management solutions from mindWireless.

Automate Procurement

Give employees easy access to approved mobile products and plans with a customized, online telecom procurement portal. 

Why frustrate employees who want to get moving? We make it easy for people to get approved mobile devices at the right prices — while cutting management time and effort.

Great Employee Experience

Employees can easily visit your secure, web-based telecom portal — anytime, anywhere. There, they can view and select approved carriers, devices, services, and features. Any order placed will leverage applicable corporate discounts or pre-negotiated rates, automatically.

Easily Customized

Offer employees all the mobile products and carriers you wish in one site. Customized order fields can be set to capture all the cost-tracking information you need — including employee name, email, supervisor, department or cost-center, location, and more.

Personal, Business, or BYOD

Let employees place personal and business orders to enable BYOD. Your portal ensures the right corporate discounts or pre-negotiated rates are applied to every order. We validate business orders per program guidelines. Employees can track order status with easy email confirmations.

Discount Accessories

Standard accessories included with any carrier’s contract are offered within your telecom portal. To expand savings and options for your employees, we offer a wide variety of popular, fashionable, and functional accessories — all at substantial discounts.

Automatically Updated

We update your procurement portal with new products and services as they become available, according to your program guidelines and preferences. Detailed reports help you assess how employees are using your mobile program, the most popular devices, and more.